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In the world where many businesses have turned to the cloud to leverage information systems without having to spend too much on hardware and software, enterprises are likely to experience overlaps of functionality with the different cloud solutions they subscribe to. For example, users of Salesforce may realize that some of the resources they're using on the CRM are also useful for another cloud application such as Connect NetSuite Salesforce and Cloud Apps. To utilize such common resources most efficiently, there's the need to integrate such applications. With such an approach, Salesforce connector seamlessly integrates NetSuite OpenAir, proving numerous benefits to users of the two disparate cloud solutions.


Salesforce NetSuite integration brings about plenty of benefits. But all the benefits you can get from such integration usually revolve around the ability to streamline interactions with your customers. All the steps involved from lead management all the way to cash collection are made more efficient when Salesforce and NetSuite are integrated. 


A direct benefit of flawless management of lead to cash processes due to NetSuite integration is increased cash flow for your business. There's no manual transmission or entry of data, so possible human errors are reduced if not entirely eliminated. 


When you're relying on netsuite openair to handle your financials, integration with Salesforce simplifies access to such data. This saves time for your staff.


 Another important benefit is enhanced customer service, leading to increased satisfaction. Keep in mind that one purposes of using a CRM is to improve your customer interactions, so integration with NetSuite makes it easier to fulfill orders in time and respond to customer orders as well as request in a timely, satisfactory manner.


There's also increased real time visibility for processes or aspects such as order fulfillment. Tracking of billing is also substantially enhanced. 


If you want to start benefiting from NetSuite Salesforce integration, you will need to utilize a connector application. The third part solution is designed to bridge the two cloud applications for purposes of sharing resources such as customer data bases and the ability to synchronize information such as contacts. Typically, a company may decide to hire a professional to help with the integration process.


When you're a user of both NetSuite and Salesforce, integration is the only way to efficiently utilize the platforms. The benefits for NetSuite Salesforce integration are unlimited, but most importantly, your business will be in a far better position to manage customer interactions.